Fire Protection Association of Pakistan (FPAP)

Mon - Fri: 9AM - 7PM Room No. 09, 1st Floor, Red Crescent Medical Centre, Jigar Moradabadi Road, Opp Islamia College, Karachi - Pakistan.

FPAP Vice President

Mubin Ahmed
Fire safety is not just a profession; it's a promise to protect lives and livelihoods. Let's work together to ensure that safety remains at the forefront of our priorities, guiding us towards a future free from preventable tragedies.
Mubin Ahmed

Salient contributions for FPAP

Team Lead

Lead a team of over 1500 firefighters in providing fire protection and emergency response services to the Karachi City community.

Policy Making

Develop and implement fire safety and emergency management policies and procedures.

Emergency Management

Responded to emergency calls and provided fire suppression and emergency medical services.

Management & Coordination

Manage and coordinate firefighting and emergency operations, including fire prevention, response, firefighting and rescue, investigation and survey

Budget Management

Develop and manage the department budget and personnel.

Equipment Expert

Operated and maintained firefighting equipment and apparatus. Performed fire inspections and fire prevention activities.